Wi-Fi Finder 2.0 brings secure Wi-Fi connectivity to the next level

Avast Wi-Fi Finder provides you with free, secure and fast connection to Wi-Fi networks everywhere you go.

Calling all Avast Wi-Fi Finder fans! We’re excited to share our biggest update yet: Avast Wi-Fi Finder version 2.0! The update comes loaded with a slick new design that is both extremely easy to use and pleasing to the eye. The updates in Wi-Fi Finder 2.0 continue to support our vision of providing you with free, secure and fast connection to Wi-Fi networks everywhere you go.

An ever-growing hotspot database

Another piece of exciting news is that with the release of Wi-Fi Finder 2.0, the Avast Wi-Fi Finder team has now collected a total of 1.8 million hotspots in our secure database. What’s more, the team continues to collect 10,000 additional new hotspots daily! When using Avast Wi-Fi Finder 2.0, you can check on the current number of hotspots available in different countries within the app’s Offline Mode screen.

aroundme.png speed.png offline.png

In version 2.0, users can look forward to a thorough revamp of Avast Wi-Fi Finder’s flows and screens. Here’s what you can look for in the new app:

  • A new user onboarding
  • New animation for Wi-Fi security check
  • Updated bottom bar menu
  • A new Wi-Fi password  sharing flow with shared hotspot immediately shown on the map
  • A special icon to highlight Wi-Fi with a shared password
  • A smarter division of Wi-Fi types & improved Wi-Fi descriptions
  • A brand new Wi-Fi network detail with more information (e.g. number of successful connections on the hotspot)

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Author: Gracie Roberts, 31 August 2016


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