Security Assessment Enables MSP Success

With cyberthreats on the rise, Managed Workplace’s site security assessment helps MSPs improve security at their customer sites and demonstrate their value.

Security assessment may just be the ideal, proactive security tool to help managed service providers (MSPs) improve the security for their small to medium-sized business (SMB) clients and at the same time show the value behind what they’re doing.

That’s exactly the feedback we’re receiving from our channel partners. Many have shared that they need a better way to show the factors contributing to risks at their clients’ businesses and how their services are resolving these issues. Using our new site security assessment tool, MSPs can now do health checks on their customers’ networks right from our Managed Workplace remote monitoring and management platform (RMM) platform, providing real-time assessments that are easy to generate and communicate, coupled with actionable plans required to stay ahead of threats and protect SMBs.

The site security assessment tool provides an aggregated score on three aspects of security – antivirus, patch and user security – weighting the segments to establish the score. Additionally, each assessment shows the applied weight. MSPs can generate three types of reports that show actions that should be taken to improve the score. These reports include a security summary, a site security report or a detailed report. For example, a report may show an action like ‘Change passwords to expire each 90-day period’ and this may boost the score by 11%, or ‘require strong passwords’ may increase security by 6%. The tool’s security dashboard provides a view of all sites so MSPs can easily navigate to each site’s security overview to display details across the security scoring segments.

Our channel partners also see this as an opportunity to improve efficiency and save time. They have an easier way to show clients the factors contributing to security risks – but they also gain an efficient tool to generate improved security scores at their client sites that show how they’re resolving the issues.

Feedback from our channel partners indicates we’re on the right track. Eric Gorman, Co-Founder and CTO at Integrated Enterprise Solutions, explained, “We see the biggest security challenge is helping clients understand the role they play in security and the fact that humans account for over 75% of all security issues. People don’t understand why they should change passwords every 45-90 days or why they should train their employees on IT security issues, or that you need more than a firewall. The Managed Workplace security assessment provides a comprehensive view that shows very clearly how not changing things like passwords directly affects security.”

Chris Hart, Virtual Chief Information Officer, Boring Business Systems agreed, “I like the security site assessment. This provides us a list of computers on our client networks with issues that need to be addressed. We can easily generate a report and have a technician get to work on the issues right away and gauge the results.”

Added Tyler Pritchard, VP, Network Concepts, “The new security assessment tool in Managed Workplace provides a great starting point to identify security problems. We like the fact it provides a single pane of glass, integrated right into the RMM, and also makes it easy to present findings to clients and take action. Other assessment solutions don’t always make it easy to share and discuss the results. We like the direction Avast is taking with this.”

As an alternative to using multiple, costly or complex assessment tools, we believe we are challenging the status quo for both security assessment and RMM solutions in the market today. Find out more about Avast Business Managed Workplace or download a free trial today.


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