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Whenever you need a strong password, our free Random Password Generator has you covered.

As a global community, we’ve been cruising around the internet for over twenty years. And we’ve gotten pretty darn fast at it. The cyber-highway is like an uber-autobahn, down which we all zip at lightning speeds, paying the credit card bill, making reservations for dinner, buying movie tickets, registering for classes, and researching great hotels in Transylvania…all in the time it takes your toast to pop up.

We get it. It’s a fast-paced digital life. So here’s a tool you can keep in your browser bar as a favorite — it’s our Random Password Generator. When you’re opening up a new account and need to assign a new password, instead of agonizing over the right alphanumeric combo, save yourself the headache. Hit the Random Password Generator and get a super-strong, unique password you can use immediately. Customize as you like — symbols or no symbols, capital, lowercase, etc.  


Avast does not record any of the data from the Random Password Generator, and you don’t enter any info to use it. Just pop in whenever you need a strong password. We’re happy to be your pit-stop of safety as you speed hither and thither on the cyber-highway of your digital life.  

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Author: Tomáš Hellebrand, 2 October 2018



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