Part 2: 5 reasons to add security to your MSP offerings

Learn why managed security services benefit you and your client.

In today’s business climate, SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) are relying more heavily than ever on their managed services providers (MSPs). Keeping the company’s network running in tiptop shape is still the prime directive, but the methods to maintain it have evolved. Cybersecurity services have become a necessary part of the equation. Some MSPs have already adapted to this growing trend and discovered that delivering managed security services has enhanced their own business just as much as their client’s.

Adding managed security services to your portfolio isn’t a big leap, especially if you currently offer remote monitoring and management. And the benefits are enormous. Here are five big ones:

  1. Strengthen client relationships and become their trusted advisor.
  2. Increase revenue without increasing your cost of doing business
  3. Provide your customers with superior protection from the latest threats
  4. Differentiate your business from the competition
  5. Avoid commoditization with an essential service that isn’t going away

Learn more about the benefits of managed security services for you and your SMB customers by downloading our white paper.


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