Out of storage? Photo Space creates space on your iPhone

It’s so frustrating to run out of space when you want to take a picture. ? Our new Photo Space app for iOS gives you way more space so you can keep shooting!

New Photo Space app fits 7GB worth of photos into 1GB of space

How many times have you seen a message like this?

If you are like the thousands of iPhone users around the world, then you see that message all too frequently. Of course, it always pops up just as you want to take a picture. ?

People told us that to get more space they resort to uninstalling apps and deleting photos. A few get storage from iCloud, but they complain that they have no control and it gets expensive to pay for more space.

None of those are very good solutions. So we came up with something better.

Avast Photo Space

Photo Space is a free app that takes your high-quality photos and optimizes them to reduce the amount of storage they occupy. That means that you get 7 times more space for your photos and apps.

Download from the App Store

The optimized photos look great so you can still share them with your friends on social networks. Can you tell the difference?

This is the original photo weighing in at 1.84 MB.


And here is the lightweight version, optimized by Photo Space, at 410 KB.


How does Photo Space work?

To reclaim the space on your iPhone, Photo Space lowers the photo’s resolution to device screen values – it’s perfect for the small screen – while the original, high resolution version, is sent to your personal cloud account on Dropbox or Google Drive. The original is safely preserved in the cloud, while the screen-quality version of your photos remains easily accessible, even when you’re offline.

If you choose the automatic mode, Photo Space will sync to your cloud storage automatically.  You can also adjust the settings so it will work only when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Install Avast Photo Space from the iTunes app store for free.

Author: Deborah Salmi, 9 June 2016


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