New York MSP ups SMB security with Avast Business

Avast Business Managed Workplace and CloudCare are the perfect solution for a New York MSP.

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The company

Integrated Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (IES), based in New York’s Hudson Valley, provides IT and cybersecurity services to companies ranging from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Co-founder and CTO Eric D. Gorman leads a team of ten experts in serving a diverse client base that includes financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, and more. The needs of these clients are as varied as their respective industries. And, as is common with SMBs, they have limited budgets and even more limited IT resources.

The challenge

Emergent new cyber threats have begun targeting SMBs on a daily basis, proving to Eric he needed a better way to protect his customers. A long time AVG-Avast customer, Eric turned to Managed Workplace from the Avast Business portfolio to provide managed security to his SMB customers.

“We needed the ability to take what we provide from a security perspective for our larger clients, and apply that on a level that makes sense for a small or mid-size business,” Eric explains. “Our SMB clients recognize the landscape is changing and know they need to be prepared, but they’re not ready for the price tag.”

The solution

IES switched from another remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution to Avast Business Managed Workplace, gaining the advantages of advanced antivirus and security assessment capabilities in one RMM platform.  

“Managed Workplace gives us the potential to really change our service for clients,” Eric reports. “We have always used CloudCare, especially for our break-fix clients, and started deploying Managed Workplace when the service plan model was added. Now we can easily create a service plan that’s just what a client needs. And the policies and rules allow us to implement and deploy everything relatively quickly.”

Eric’s team also makes use of the site security assessment tool, which enables them to generate easy-to-read security reports across all their managed sites. “We can have the necessary security conversations with clients right from the onboarding stage,” Eric says, adding, “This helps strengthen our client relationships.”

The Results

Using Managed Workplace, Eric and his team have increased productivity by at least 20%.  They have improved remote access, simplified patch management, and achieved smoother integration with their professional services automation tool (PSA). From the Managed Workplace RMM, the data about their clients’ systems is now 100% accurate. His technicians spend less time doing the same type of tasks compared to their previous solution. In addition, these improved efficiencies gave Eric room in his schedule to bring on more clients.

“We recently upgraded one of our nonprofit clients to Managed Workplace to prevent ransomware attacks,” Eric tells us. “After this, the client hired us to provide security training to their employees, and this led to landing two new accounts from their word-of-mouth referrals.”

Eric’s clients are enjoying an elevated level of service, and Eric’s team is enjoying the benefits of their newfound efficiencies. It’s one of those win/win things.

If you’d like to give your managed services this kind of boost, check out the Avast Business product portfolio and download our white paper on managed security services. We make sure you’re secure.


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