Activating AVG PC TuneUp with your AVG MyAccount

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Before following the activation steps in this article:

  • Ensure that you have assigned your AVG Product to your AVG Account refer to this article to see how do this:

How to register your AVG Product.

1. Double-click the AVG TuneUp icon on your desktop to open the application.

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2. Go to My AVG ▸ My Subscription.

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3. On the My subscription screen, click Log in to your AVG Account.

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4. Enter your AVG MyAccount credentials and click Log In. Alternatively, select Log in with Facebook or Log in with Google to log into your AVG MyAccount using your existing Facebook or Google credentials.

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5. Check your subscription details for the connected AVG MyAccount. If you have any licenses for interchangeable products, you can click on a listed item and select an alternative license from the drop-down menu. Click Continue to return to the My licenses screen.

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6. Your AVG TuneUp subscription is now activated. The expiration date of your subscription appears under Subscriptions on this PC.

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