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HMA! Pro VPN protects you from hackers and spies – and lets you watch your favorite TV shows and films from anywhere.

1. Check or download the correct version of .NET Framework
With our new client, additional software is required in order to have it installed successfully. – The Microsoft .NET framework will be either automatically downloaded (if it’s not updated) or you can get it here: NET Framework 4.6.

2. Download HMA! Pro VPN version 4 client
The next step is to download new HMA! Pro VPN client for Windows, visit our download page and download HMA! Pro VPN

3. Install HMA! Pro VPN version 4 client
Now start the client’s setup file. Install the HMA! client by right-clicking the setup file and select “Run as Administrator”

HMA! Pro VPN install

Optional – If you receive a warning that the TAP driver didn’t pass the driver signing check by Microsoft – this is nothing to worry about. Just confirm and let the installation finish. Should the installation get aborted, or if you’re unable to connect to the HMA! client, you may need to disable the Windows Driver Signing check first and then install the client.

See this link for instructions: How to disable Windows Driver Signing.

4. Connection and using
Please check out the image below to see how to connect using our new client.

* Important Settings *
When starting the HMA! client, you will see the “Dashboard”.

Now, follow the instructions below:

4.1. Enter your email or username and password or the license key

HMA! Pro VPN install

4.2. Select a Connection Mode

Just tell us what you want to do – the app can take care of the rest! Choose one of the following: Instant Mode, Location Mode or Freedom Mode.

Instant Mode

  • Secure your connection in a single click
  • Great for online banking and encrypting your connection to public WiFi

HMA! Pro VPN install

Location Mode

  • Connect through any location worldwide! Choose between countries, cities and your favorite locations. *NOTE* To save your favorite servers, click on the heart <3 on the right hand side!
  • Browse websites like a local

HMA! Pro VPN install 

Freedom Mode

  • Connect through a free speech country to bypass online censorship wherever you are

HMA! Pro VPN install

4.3. Settings  

If you click on the burger menu, you and choose “Preferences” you can control how the app works!

HMA! Pro VPN install

And with our newest update, we brought back the “Kill Switch” feature, which keeps you secure, even if your connection is interrupted!

HMA! Pro VPN install

5. Confirmation of connection

You will receive a notification once you have been connected, and you can now surf online anonymously!

Congratulations! Your internet traffic is now securely encrypted and your online identity is anonymous!





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