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1. Open the AVG MyAccount page at

2. Click the button Create an AVG MyAccount.

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3. Fill in your email and select a password.

Important: Use the email address you used when purchasing or registering your AVG product in order to match your AVG MyAccount with your purchase(s).
Note: If you are asked to confirm that you’re not a robot, select the check box, and pass the test before creating your account.

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4. Once you click Create Account the following message will appear and you will receive an account activation email in your inbox.

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5. Open the email from and click the link Confirm My Email to activate your AVG MyAccount.

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6. This will direct you to the Login Page where you can enter your password and click Log In.

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7. Your AVG MyAccount homepage will open.

8. In the AVG MyAccount you will see all your purchased products and subscriptions. Use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate your AVG MyAccount, and discover all available features.


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