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Before you continue with installing below AVG Remote Admin please ensure you have the following:

  • Your AVG Business licence key, because this will be used during the guide
  • Also All information regarding which servers are going to be used for updates etc.
  • To begin with the installation we need to download Remote Administrator from here and select either 32bit or 64bit depending on your system

1. Firstly if the program is done downloading right-click the downloaded setup file and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

2. Secondly when prompted by the User Account Control dialog for permission, click Yes (or Continue).

3. Thirdly Select the language you wish to continue the installation with and click next.

2. Confirm that you have read and accept the terms of the License Agreement, click Accept..

3. Enter the licence key you received with your purchase and then click next.

4. Choose the type of installation and click next.

  • Standard for novice users. (recommended)
  • Custom for more advanced users and for custom installation.
  • Lite install for only Proxy server and network installation.

5. Wait while AVG Remote Admin is being installed on your server/computer.

7. If AVG Remote Administration is done installing you can click finish.

Next we will go through the Admin Server Deployment

8. The server deployment wizard will now open where you will choose your AVG Data Center and Proxy Roles.

9. Here you will now choose the roles that your server will run,

  • Note: that the AVG server is not running because we are still in the process of setting it up.

10. This is the Database system selection window, firstly select the appropriate database system in which AVG will run, click next.

11. This is the Data Import window, if this is a first time install of AVG Admin Console you may leave the window blank and proceed, however if you have a database you would like to import  you will tick the checkbox and choose the path of the database file.

12. In this window you can set up password protection for your Admin Console, if this is for a relatively small network password protection isn’t that important and would be advisable to leave the fields blank and continue. This is optional and at users own discretion.

13. Select a destination for your update files, click next.

14. Here you will select the appropriate URL for your proxy server to download its updates from, you can modify, add or delete URL’s at your discretion.

15. Here you will add the server the console is being installed on as well as the preferred URL’s and servers that will be used for updates, Note the drop down menu “shared settings” is pre-selected so that all workstations on the network managed by this console receive this  information.

16.  Admin Server configuration  settings are now complete and to deploy these settings proceed by clicking “Deploy”.

17. Wait while the settings are being deployed.

18. The deployment was completed successfully click “finish” and open the Admin Console.

19. AVG Remote Administrator is now installed.

  • The user interface is accessible via system tray icon on your Windows taskbar the icon on your Windows desktop.

20. Opening AVG Admin Console for the first time it will show you a news tab you can cancel this or read through the tabs by clicking next.

20.  You can now start using AVG Remote Administrator

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