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If you have an older version of AVG Email Server installed, you will need to uninstall it manually before
installing a new AVG Email Server. You must manually perform the uninstall of the previous version,
using the standard windows functionality.

1. From the start menu Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs select the correct
program from the list of installed software 

2. If you have previously used the AVG 8.x or older version, do not forget to uninstall also individual server

Note: It will be necessary to restart the store service during the uninstall process.

Exchange plug-in – run setupes.exe with the /uninstall parameter from the folder where the plug-in was

  • e.g. C: AVG4ES2K setupes.exe /uninstall

Lotus Domino/Notes plug-in – run setupln.exe with the /uninstall parameter from folder where the plugin
was installed:

  • e.g. C:AVG4LNsetupln.exe /uninstall

3. AVG Email Server is now removed from you system.

If you need to reinstall AVG Email Server you can read the following guide: How to install AVG Email Server


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