AVG Email Server Install Guide

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Supported Email Servers

AVG Email Server can filter your e-mails on the following Email servers. MS Exchange Server  2010 SP3, MS Exchange Server  2013 SP1 and MS Exchange Server  2016


To install AVG Email Server Edition on MS Exchange server, download AVG Email Server Edition for the download page , and then follow the instructions. MS Exchange is detected during the installation, the appropriate plugin will be installed automatically. Please note that a restart of Exchange Store will be required.

After the installation

On the server where AVG for MS Exchange is installed It is recommended to exclude the following folders from AVG scanning . To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open AVG on the server and click Options.
  2. Click Advanced settings…
  3. In the menu on the left, select Exceptions.
  4. Click Add exception.
  5. In Exception type, select Folder.
  6. Add the respective folders as specified below.

If you connect AVG on your Exchange server to AVG Remote Administration, you may need to set this exception via AVG Admin Console.

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