Avast Business Antivirus Install Guide (Managed)

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Note: This installation guide will be for Avast Business Antivirus, Avast Business Antivirus Pro and Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus (Managed)

Domain Networks: Please disable (uncheck) or uninstall the Real Site component for all of your devices connected to your network domain because it can conflict with your DNS services. For Microsoft Servers, please see the Server Operating Systems section below for more information.

After Installation: Some components and features may not be available or fully functional until after updating the Avast Business Antivirus (Pro/Plus) client and restarting the device. Please see the Update Client And Restart Device section below for more information.


If you purchased the Managed product, you will need to have your Avast Management Console setup and ready to go, whether it is the Cloud Management (web) Console at https://business.avast.com/ or the Business Management (on-premise) Console that you can download here.

1. First log into your Cloud Management (web) Console at https://business.avast.com/ or the Business Management (on-premise) Console

2. Then In the Dashboard, click the Download antivirus button

3. In the Operating system section:

4. Next click the Advanced settings link below

5. If you have multiple Avast Business Antivirus products, select the Product license (such as Antivirus Pro Plus)

6. Select the Group and Settings template for the devices (such as Default)

7. Then under Installer size, we highly recommend to select Full (cca 300 – 400 MB)

8. Click the Download now button to download/save/run the full Avast install file

9. After installing the Avast Business Antivirus client, you may need to Activate the device in the Avast Management Console

Here are a few other ways you can deploy the Avast Business Antivirus install file…

  • Now click the Send download link via email button at the top to send an email to your end users to download/save/install Avast Business Antivirus Managed client
  • Then click the share link download link at the bottom (below the Download now button) to share a URL link to download/save/install Avast Business Antivirus Managed client
  • Lastly you may download/save the Windows .EXE (For workstations and servers)and/or Mac OS X .DMG install files in the Standard Installation section above on a USB flash drive to run on each device to install

Please create one-time Tasks for all of your Avast Business Anivirus Managed clients/devices…

10. Then log into either the Cloud Management (web) Console at https://business.avast.com/ or the Business Management (on-premise) Console

11. Click on Tasks in the left panel

Schedule Update

12. Next click the Create a task button in the top-right corner

13. Click the Update device button

14. Then In the Update device section, select Virus definitions update

15. In the Create update schedule section, enable (check) the Schedule the update box

16. For Frequency, select One-Time

17. For Schedule start date and time, select date and time after business hours later today or this weekend

18. Then for Custom name, give this Task a meaningful name

19. Click the Update button

Schedule Restart/Shutdown

20. Then click the Create a task button in the top-right corner

21. Select Shutdown device 

22. In the Shutdown device section, select either Restart device or Shutdown device

23. Then for Notify users with an alert message before a restart or shutdown, change this message to something meaningful for your end users

24. For Specify when the message is displayed, select time (select 1 hour before shutdown/restart is most recommended)

25. Then in the Create update schedule section, enable (check) the Schedule the update box

26. For Frequency, select One-Time

27. For Schedule start date and time, select date and time at least an hour or two after the Update device task you scheduled above

28. For Custom name, give this Task a meaningful name

29. Click the either the Schedule restart or Schedule shutdown button below

Avast Business Antivirus is now installed and updater



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