Crosslin Technologies fine tunes efficiencies using Managed Workplace

Increases efficiencies through automation, upsells new services and scales without adding staff.

The Company

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Crosslin Technologies is a fast-growing managed services provider (MSP) that has been serving a wide range of small and medium businesses since 2014. Director of Information Technology Steve Moore shares, “We built the business from the ground up as an MSP focused on security. Our team brings an extensive background in managed IT and security. We are also veterans, and our military backgrounds provide a level of discipline, professionalism, and courtesy that enables us to offer a great customer experience with a continued focus on building a strong business.”

The Challenge

Steve’s top challenges today are continuing to build the business and staying ahead of threats to ensure clients are protected. “We have designed a core set of layered security services to help ensure every client has comprehensive protection. We also help clients put security standards in place to meet specific industry regulations and help them pass these audits,” says Steve. “All of this requires the tools and processes to respond proactively, manage our time, and continually protect endpoints and networks.”

The Solution

When Steve joined Crosslin Technologies, the team put a selection process in place to find the best remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. Steve had previously used N-Able (now SolarWinds) and Labtech (now ConnectWise Automate), but he found a better solution for his Crosslin team. “We chose Managed Workplace because we believed it was a better product and more user-friendly. The other RMMs also required a lot of administrative time to set up,” he adds.

“Using Managed Workplace, we can set up and schedule policies that automate our work. For example, we have monitoring policies set up on firewalls and network devices to let us know if a site is not communicating or if internet service went down. We can also set up an automation policy that will find any new PC or server and report back any issue. If the PC or server is new on the network and doesn’t have a management agent installed, Managed Workplace will automatically install that agent and will do this on a daily basis. This is a real time-saver as it eliminates any manual work required to check for new devices on the network and install agents.”

Managed Workplace’s latest version includes a new Alert Viewer feature that enables users to open and customize alerts in a separate window. “We really like the new Alert Viewer,” says Steve. “I have not seen this in any other RMM solution. I can display all of my alerts in different colors on a 55” TV and get a good view of everything going on.”

The Results 

Using Managed Workplace, Steve and his team have enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Increased overall efficiency by 20%
  • Scaled operations without adding new staff
  • Added an equipment lifecycle management and replacement program using the MW asset management tool

“Time management is critical in our business,” says Steve, “and our technicians must be able to use our RMM with minimal training. Managed Workplace is very easy to use and has the right capabilities and functionality. This has enabled us to improve efficiencies, add new services, and continue to protect our clients’ devices and networks.”

To improve your IT company’s efficiencies and enjoy the useful features that the Managed Workplace RMM provides, download a free trial of Managed Workplace and get the tools and insights you and your clients need. 

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Author: Toby Nangle, 17 October 2018


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