Block unwanted calls on your iPhone

New Avast Call Blocker app blocks telemarketing and unsolicited phone calls from your iPhone.

Back in the day when families had one phone in the house, it was guaranteed that as they sat down to dinner, a telemarketer would call. Now that we carry our phones with us, we can be interrupted at any time by telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, political campaigners, and even bothersome exes.

Stop spam calls on iOS by blocking them

After we researched the number of telemarketing calls made to Avast users, our mobile development team saw that a problem existed. We found that a sample of 170,000 telemarketers made 4.3 million calls to Avast customers in the last 30 days! Roughly 34 percent of those calls were answered and lasted at least 30 seconds. At that rate, the average user spends more than two hours of his or her time on these calls every year.

So the developers got to work and created Avast Call Blocker.

Avast introduces the new Avast Call Blocker app for iOS, now available for download on the Apple App Store. Call Blocker lets you automatically block telemarketing and other unsolicited calls while still protecting your privacy. Avast does not collect your personal information and does not access your address book.

“Avast Call Blocker is the first line of defense to protect your valuable time,” says Gagan Singh, senior vice president and general manager of mobile at Avast. “We’ve created an application that’s easy to use and protects users from annoying calls without sacrificing privacy.”INSTALL APP

How does the Call Blocker app work?

Avast Call Blocker uses advanced machine learning technology to identify telemarketing numbers, plus it leverages public resources like the Federal Communications Commission database to analyze millions of data points to quickly determine if the call should be blocked. You can even contribute by reporting new telemarketing numbers to help us continue to grow our database of unwanted numbers. You can also create your own blacklist to avoid unsolicited calls from any contact or unidentified number.

Call Blocker blocks spam calls on iOS

The Avast Call Blocker app is the latest addition to Avast’s iOS product portfolio, which includes a range of privacy, security, storage optimization and Wi-Fi utility apps. Avast Call Blocker is a premium, subscription-based iOS app now available to all iOS 10 users in the US and Canada.

Author: Deborah Salmi, 23 November 2016


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