Less crashing


Better graphics


Faster browsing


Richer audio


Less device problems


AVG Driver Updater

Key Features:

Speeds up gaming and smooths video playback
Take gaming & video streaming to the next level

We check for the latest graphics drivers in real-time to
give you smoother gaming, streaming or media editing.
For example, some games have shown an increase in
frame rate by up to 100% just by upgrading Nvidia
graphics drivers*.



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Speeds up browsing & downloading

Make sure your computer can keep up with you

We update corrupt or old network drivers to solve problems with browsing, streaming and downloading.

Helps fix a dropping WiFi connection

Helps solve slow connection problems

Speeds up browsing, streaming & downloading

Adds new features for improved performance

Scans for drivers from over 100 major brands

with just one click

We find and update all your outdated or broken drivers from one screen to reduce problems and conflicts with your printer, scanner, camera, video, speakers, mouse, keyboard, screen, WiFi and external devices.sprite-with-16-device-manufacturer-brands-for-driver-updater940x500

Powerful features, Fix problems and get the most up to date features - all from one screen!

Automatically scans

Auto-scans your whole computer for outdated, missing or corrupt drivers

Checks 127,000+ drivers

Checks more than 127,000 hardware drivers and software updates

Always up-to-date

Our dynamic online driver database scans in real time, so you get the latest drivers every time

Chooses official drivers

Checks for the official drivers from 100+ major brands

Chooses the best drivers for you

Creates a unique profile of your PC to make sure you get the correct drivers

Backs up your drivers

Takes snapshots of your PC's drivers and helps you restore unwanted changes

Reduces hardware problems

Installs drivers one by one to reduce any hardware problems