Avast sponsors Enigma Interviews

Enigma Interviews connect cybersecurity researchers and thought leaders with Bay Area citizens to discuss the concepts, tools, and defenses needed to keep our day-to-day lives secure.

At this point it’s clear that our lives are becoming increasingly digital. We use the internet and apps for everything from books to banking, entertainment to education, healthcare to hailing a cab, and shopping to socializing. Along with the rise of voice-assisted technologies and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), this trend continues to accelerate at breakneck speed right before our very eyes. And that’s why Avast is proud to sponsor the Enigma Interviews, an event organized by The Parallax, happening this week in San Francisco.

While we have lots to appreciate—including how technologies have added great value and improved our lives—there are also great societal concerns. And questions we should be asking: how should the tech industry build and operate these services? How will we engage with them? How will we use them to engage with each other? And perhaps most importantly, how do these technologies affect an individual’s rights, security, and privacy? These questions are at the heart of The Enigma Event, and we look forward to the conversations that will ensue.

The Enigma Interviews will be a discussion with Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, and Eva Galperin, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s director of cybersecurity.  We applaud the participants in this event for coming together today and engaging in the dialog.

You can watch the Enigma Interviews and ask questions via the livestream between 7-9PM PST on Wednesday August 23. Start submitting questions now at Enigma on Twitter or The Parallax on Facebook using the hashtag #EnigmaIntvw.  Avast will also be live tweeting the event.  Be sure to follow our twitter handle @avast_antivirus.

Author: Jonathan Penn, 22 August 2017


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