Avast Business introduces Managed Workplace 11 at IP EXPO 2017

Latest next-gen RMM platform with integrated cybersecurity protection for business launched at Europe’s largest IT event.

October is cybersecurity month, which made last week’s IP Expo in Europe perfectly timed!! Avast was there to introduce its latest remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, Managed Workplace 11. With a native Avast Business endpoint protection engine integrated into the platform, as well as an all-new security assessment component, this next-gen, cybersecurity RMM platform is primed to be the solution of choice for managed services providers (MSPs). We’re proud to share it with the business world and launch it at one of the most important IT events of the year. Avast’s security ambassador and world-class chess champion, Garry Kasparov, presented a keynote speech on AI. Legendary for his chess games against supercomputer Deep Blue in the mid-90’s, Garry impressed upon the gathered IT experts that AI is nothing to be feared. In fact, Garry insisted that for the most effective cybersecurity, man and machine need to work together.

He also addressed the notion that machines are taking people’s jobs. Rather than an issue to bemoan, he maintains, this is something to embrace. By assigning machine-efficient tasks to AI, we open new doors to the evolution of business and human potential.

IT professionals can’t be all-business all the time, and to that end, Garry granted a two-hour window on one of the expo days to take on any challengers brave enough to step forward and play chess with him.

During the event, Avast held two sessions on the topic of “Security in a data-centric world.” With the rise of cyberthreats and the effect on hundreds of millions of people, protecting data is paramount. We discussed the security SMBs need to protect themselves and explored the critical role of big data and real-time, multi-layer defenses. Ransomware attacks, data leaks, and identity theft can all be stopped in their tracks with a trusted network and an empowered business security culture. While large-scale businesses can be significantly impacted by such a breach, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can be completely obliterated by it. It’s always fun to spend time in London, but it was particularly fantastic to be there for IP Expo. If you’re looking for the latest next-gen cybersecurity RMM platform that also delivers advanced endpoint protection for your SMB—whether you’re an MSP or small business owner yourself—check out Managed Workplace 11 and stay protected.


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