3 unique and unusual Valentine’s gift ideas to make digital hearts sing

Step up the romance this year with three innovative gift ideas.

If you are having a hard time thinking beyond a dozen roses and a box of chocolates for February 14th, we’re here to help. Sure, those classic gifts can still bring a smile and a swoon, but chocolates disappear within a few hours (reappearing on our waistlines), and roses don’t last long enough to justify how expensive they are this time of year. (By the way, if roses are your thing, you’ll appreciate this fascinating experiment conducted by Brad’s Deals to determine the best time of the year to find the best prices on roses. Spoiler alert: it’s not Valentine’s Day.)

In this cyberage, you’ve got options when it comes to creative ways to show you care. Here are three unique suggestions to sweep your loved one off their digital feet:

  1. For the ears – subscription to streaming music

From Apple Music to Spotify to Pandora, there is no shortage of streaming services that can make anyone’s toes tap . . . and heart sing. To make this gift especially romantic, pre-purchase a few of your sweetheart’s favorite tracks and arrange them in a digital mixtape, or curate a special playlist on Spotify. Unlike candy and flowers, a digital subscription keeps on giving throughout the entire year. Always fun to read what Consumer Reports has to say, by the way.

  1. For the eyes – binary bling

Each letter of the alphabet has its own unique set of eight 1s and 0s, and this Etsy artist will create a custom His and Hers set of binary bracelets for you and your better half, for any name or word up to six letters or numbers. This is, after all, a tech blog post, and this jewelry tickles us to no end.

  1. For the mind – antivirus assurance

We spend an obscene amount of our waking minutes connected to the internet. Even when we’re with loved ones, we issue out a steady stream of texts, emails, posts, and tweets. With cybercriminals trying to crack any computer and device within range, it’s a good idea to protect your online time—yours and your sweetheart’s. Install an automatic defense against phishing, ransomware, malicious links, and all manner of online threats, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you use protection. It’s a gift that lasts far longer than flowers. Check out Avast Free Antivirus and show your loved one you care. (Bonus tip: If you give the free version, it won’t cost you a penny! Though to be safe, you may want to consider a little something “in addition,” too.)

Download Avast Free Antivirus

Cybersecurity might at first sound as unromantic as a stale box of Conversation Hearts, but it really is the thoughtful gift for today’s digital lifestyle. It’s the modern way to make someone feel protected and safe.

XOXO from all of us at Avast

P.S. If you have other gift ideas and plan to do some online shopping, make sure you get the best price for whatever you buy with Avast SafePrice—a web extension that automatically shows you all price options offered online.

Author: Charlotte Empey, 10 February 2018


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